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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Whats Going On: Trey Songz!

Trey Songz
Passion Pain & Pleasure Tour
Feat. Monica

On September 5, 2010 two of my best friends and I attended they Trey Songz: Passion, Pain, & Pleasure concert in Greensboro, NC at the War Memorial Building. With our hopes being high and expecting a great show we received an awesome show! Good thing we got there early because the show was sold out and once the lights went down finding a seat was chaotic! Monica opened up with her song Still Standing, which many people may know the chorus by it being her show “Monica: Still Standing” Her vocals where outstanding and her back ground singers (all male) where as well. Her band whose, drummer Herman Johnson, who attended CFC Academy out of Creedmoor, NC, was very energetic and kept the crown going though out her 3 outfit changes. You can not do a concert with out giving a tribute to who you were most influenced by and Monica sung a Whitney Houston Song. Once Monica left he stage every one was excited for Trey Songz! He finally came out and every one was screaming. He opened with his smash hit “Say Ahh” and the crowd went wild! Trey didn’t have any back ground singers and that was just fine! His vocals where on point and he hit every note. From “Trey Day” to “Ready” to his new cd “Passion, Pain& Pleasure”, which drops September 14,2010 he sung all of his top hits. I, along with others who have been fans since his first album “Gotta Make It”, was a little upset when he did not perform any songs from the album. Never the less he gave every one a show that we were looking for. From the Passion that he put into every song he sung, to the Pain he shows, of maybe his new single “Cant Be Friends”, and to Pleasure of his words in “Neighbors Know My Name” and “Love Faces” we all felt close to him. He gave shout outs to his fans and made sure that we knew he appreciated us. Ending with a bang “Bottoms Up” was the best song for the moment! I could feel that the entire crowd was ready for another concert, especially me and my friends. I feel that my $60 was worth it all! I supported Trey Songz then and will support him now. You can follow him on twitter @TreySongz and for more information go to www.treysongz.com


Troop 41 Putting Raleigh, NC On The Map!

What do you think of when you hear Troop 41. I hope not Boy Scouts because they are far from that! Troop 41 who is made up of Lil' Lee, Lil'Inferno, and T-Breeze from Raleigh, NC is putting Raleigh on the map. There single "Do The John Wall" inspired by there friend John Wall, who attended Word of God and who just signed with NBA, is being played on the radio non stop! These high school and college students have many people over the U.S and over seas doing this dance John Wall has made famous. I recently attended there video shoot for the remix of "Do the John Wall" feat. Lil Chuckee a 14 year old rapper signed to Lil' Wayne's Label Young money, V.I.C whose single "Get Silly" stayed at the top of the charts in 2008, Young Cyph who was on 106& Park Freestyle Friday, and many more artist were apart of the hit video. A lot of people came out and supported. I actually met a old friend of mine who I haven't talked to in almost a year. Every artist was very humble, no one was stuck up or thought that they were to good. They politely took pictures with fans and acted normal. Fame had not come into any of the artist heads. The video came out great and hopefully it will be on TV later this year. I support up and coming artist and you should too! There will be more to come on Troop 41 in the future as there career continues to rise. Follow them on twitter @DaRealTroop41

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